Clinical AI for Payers

Autor: Jvion

Enhance case management, improve member experience and reduce cost of care with clinical AI.

Jvion helps payers solve for unforeseen member risk, costs, and utilization by providing accurate identification of member health and utilization risks and the specific actions that can be taken to activate, engage and manage members to mitigate them.

Value-based care, consumerism and deferred care is driving the need for robust and prescriptive member analytics. To manage utilization and costs while ensuring members receive the care they need, payers need a holistic view for their populations that includes identifying modifiable health risks, understanding the socioeconomic risk influencers for each member and guidance on what interventions to deploy and how. 

Traditional risk-stratification and predictive algorithms provide limited value as both often generate expansive lists of “high-risk” members based on known facts. These lists can be overwhelming and un-addressable - riddled with known targets and individuals whose outcomes cannot be changed. 

Jvion identifies members who are not only high-risk but modifiable and provides personalized evidence-based interventions to optimize results. The Jvion CORE™ is modular so there is no need to build and re-build bespoke models to answer different questions, out analytics extend across multiple use cases including:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Behavioral Health
  • Member Activation & Engagement
  • Cost & Utilization Management
  • Population Health

Insights can be accessed through Jvion's stand alone portal, flat file, API, or system to system integration. Learn more:

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