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Speed up and expand your access to information with an intelligent way to process documents at scale

Ai-Knowie is a document intelligence solution that:

    • Ingests a high volume of documents in various formats
    • Extracts relevant data through document AI
    • Enriches content with Azure Cognitive Services and machine learning
    • Provides insights via Power BI dashboards and Azure Cognitive Search facilities
    • Optimizes document processing for different business scenarios

Leveraging the power of AI and Azure, Ai-Knowie brings in multiple dimensions of data sources and exports data in required formats to transform business processes across different industries like:

    • Accelerate lending document processing 
    • Automate invoice data extraction
    • Enhance customer experience with automated data entry
    • Enable digital access to medical histories by patients and doctors


Key benefits of using Ai-Knowie:

    • Make faster decisions using relevant data on documents
    • Higher operational efficiency
    • Ensure accurate data extraction with minimized human errors
    • Enrich document data for more possible business processes and insights


Q - What kinds of documents does Ai-Knowie support?

A - Ai-Knowie supports any types of documents including but not limited to invoices, purchase orders and bank statements.


Q - Is Ai-Knowie applicable for ID authentication?

A - We recommend Ai-Knowie Lite, which is pre-trained on an array of documents to extract specific information without further training required.


Q - Can Ai-Knowie be integrated with other applications for analytics and automation?

A - Yes! Ai-Knowie can be integrated with other applications like Power BI and RPA software to expand the transformational benefits.

Q - What is the difference between Ai-Knowie and Ai-Knowie Lite?

A - Please refer to

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