E-PARTS Release 5


Modular platform for the management and publishing of technical catalogs and documentation

E-PARTS is a platform designed to provide complex manufacturing organizations with tools, functions, processes and methodologies to manage the growing complexities of aftersales products and services.

E-PARTS is a configurable and customizable web-based platform that automates the creation and deployment of product information, technical catalogues, documents and maintenance business information for complex equipment. It easily transforms parts catalogues, technical documentation and maintenance information into interactive web-based applications and portals that can be integrated with services, support processes and existing back-office systems at the manufacturers’, customers’ and partners’ premises.

The ecosystem of the E-PARTS solutions is aimed at supporting manufacturers in the centralization process of product data coming from the various manufacturer systems, such as ERP, PLM, management systems, product data coming from other vendors and industrial partners in order to build a single-source publishing for different B2B and B2C publication channels, such as Service Product Information Portals addressed to manufacturer users, field service, end-customers, dealer networks and digital stores for the eCommerce.
Several platform modules are available to covers different products families and processes:
  • Spare parts
  • Accessories
  • Merchandise
  • Technical documentation
  • PIM (Product Information Management)
  • Service tools
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Maintenance plans
  • Option & Upgrade catalogs
  • Parts Analytics
  • B2B and B2C eCommerce

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