Kinaxis® RapidResponse®

Autor: Kinaxis Inc.

Kinaxis® RapidResponse® lets you know sooner, act faster an remove waste across your supply chain.

Fast, confident decision-making across your end to end supply chain

Recognized as the most innovative and proven solution in the market, Kinaxis® RapidResponse® equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to make fast, confident decisions across your supply chain—no matter how fast things change. All thanks to how we blend human ingenuity and award-winning AI with our one-of-a-kind concurrent planning technique. From control tower, S&OP, demand, supply, inventory, transportation and more, RapidResponse lets you simulate anything in seconds and easily collaborate with context with peers across the globe.

Included capabilities

  • Control tower: Take control over what’s happening across your supply chain – from strategy through operations – with a real-time view of your entire ecosystem. Break down functional silos. Collaborate across company boundaries. Gain insights into risks and opportunities.
  • Demand planning: Stop guessing. Start planning. Create realistic consensus-based plans and proactively monitor and improve forecasts and order status. Maximize revenue. Minimize costs. Keep your customers happy.
  • Supply planning: Complete, continuous visibility into whether demand plans can support material and capacity constraints and the agility to execute on those plans down to the shop floor.
  • Inventory management: Develop targeted inventory improvement solutions. Simulate changes to inventory policies. Understand and balance trade-offs between on-time delivery, revenue risk and inventory. So you can drive service levels up and costs down.
  • Sales and Operational planning (S&OP): Set financial targets. Measure progress. Identify gaps between supply and demand. Re-balance plans so you can maximize opportunities, minimize risk and keep your business profitable in today’s volatile environment.

RapidResponse platform features

  • End-to-end synchronization and visibility: Understand current performance and instantly see and interpret the impact of a change across the supply chain network.
  • Scenario modeling: Predict any future, from any past, for any planning horizon. Run any number of scenarios, create infinite supply chain digital twins and capture historical context in seconds for accountable decision-making based on KPIs.
  • Smart collaboration: Our responsibility matrix shows you who to work with, delivers the context you need and archives your decisions–all within the platform–for faster, smarter collaboration.
  • Seamless integration: Our ERP-agnostic planning solution lets you connect all internal and external data sources, including multiple ERPs without duplication.
  • Advanced analytics and automation: Planning.AI, our unique approach to advanced analytics, balances the speed of heuristics, the accuracy of optimization and the intelligence of machine learning to solve a single problem.

Industries: Aerospace & defense; automotive; consumer products; high-tech & electronics; industrial; life sciences

About Kinaxis

Uncertainty demands quick action. Kinaxis delivers the agility to make fast, confident decisions across the digital supply chain. We combine human and artificial (AI) intelligence with concurrent planning so you can know sooner, act faster and remove waste.

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