Tor Shield Energy Management System


Energy management solution for manufacturing setup to drive sustainability & cost reduction measures

About the offer

Tor Shield is a modular energy management system that gives complete visibility and control of electricity consumption across any manufacturing setup.

The solution suite comprises an edge gateway, IoT platform, application, and analytics in the form of proprietary Shield Insights that provides actionable views into specifics like:

  • Best & worst-performing machines
  • Hierarchy-based electricity consumption analysis
  • Specific energy consumption
  • Savings due to energy efficiency measures
  • Loss of power/availability analysis
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Power quality index based on voltage and current THD
  • Auto-generated reports
  • Live alerts and warnings via email and WhatsApp, and more

One can analyze graphical data logs of all energy parameters. The plug-and-play module of Tor Shield provides unmatched security and works in harsh conditions. The application comes with an inbuilt energy-meter library, making front-end configuration hassle-free. It integrates into the existing equipment setups, thus saving time and cost.

Tor Shield's web application can monitor source, panel, and individual machine-level data. This granular visibility can assist companies and businesses in driving energy conservation initiatives and preventive maintenance schedules. Each machine has a multi-function energy meter that transmits data via our proprietary edge gateway over the cloud, displayed over the application.

Type of user

Industrial types: Manufacturing Plants, machine shops, foundries, ITES, Commercial Complexes, and other energy-intensive institutions.

For Business Owners: Cost efficiency, energy savings, and increased brand value.

For Operators and employees: Reduced equipment failure, saved time, timely support and services.

For Customers: Enhanced efficiency for energy and cost savings

Pain points addressed

  • Limited visibility about the availability, loss, and usage of energy
  • No granular visibility of load level consumption to link it back to the machine productivity.
  • Difficult to track the ROI of energy conservation initiatives
  • No mechanism to monitor the power quality and meet compliance norms
  • Manual capturing of energy logs leads to manual errors
  • Lack of auto-alert mechanisms in the event of any abnormal electrical parameters

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