Pixage Digital Signage Solutions

Autor: KoçSistem Bilgi ve Iletisim Hizmetleri A.S.

New generation digital signage application by KoçSistem

Pixage is a new generation digital signage application developed by KoçSistem that allows you to manage all your screens centrally.


Selected features:


* Content Scheduling 

Schedule your content to play on specific time periods and intervals.

* Smart Playlist 

You can facilitate location and timebased content management by dividing your content into groups with tags. 

* Remote Display Control 

You can determine the opening and closing hours of your screens and save energy through the platform 

* Error Report 

Monitoring of the screens and broadcasts any time through the system. Also error report is sent to your mail address on daily basis. 

* Synchronized Broadcast 

You can provide synchronized content broadcasting and increase your visual impact by synching different screens without requiring a PC. 

* Application Market 

For a spot-on content, all you have to do is to choose the appropriate content from application market on the platform. 

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