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LayUp; a cloud based, social, gamified training platform, which has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. With LayUp we take a different approach to learning. In addition to the traditional means, our social approach empowers employees within an organization to share knowledge and grow. Incentivized by points, gamification, rewards and recognitions, along with peer learning elements, we fuel user engagement by enabling organizations to build and run their very own eLearning community.   You can think of us as an eLearning solution on steroids. With employees that are self-motivated and driven towards learning, we largely simplify your L&D process, and help you hit your organizational KPIs.

LayUp was built with 5 key-concepts in mind:

  1. Change the way you Learn – Learning is not just the execution and completion of online courses. Users should be able to create, manage, and share knowledge via multiple forms (share documents, schedule events, create assessments and collaborate) while being able to access the solution from any device in any location.
  2. Start two-way Conversations – Learning should be thought of as a peer-network. Rather than running a disconnected organization, users should be able to communicate messages, discuss ideas, encourage feedback, and stimulate conversation within the organization.
  3. Create Loyalty and Following – Learning should drive a strong organization culture. Through inbuilt tools, organizations should be able to create ambassadors that fully understand the brand and champion loyalty and following.
  4. Increased Accountability – Learning effectiveness should not be guesswork. Users should be able to monitor time spent on activities to identify gaps and take action faster - armed with real data.
  5. Enterprise Support – Learning should be a seamless experience. Through inbuilt APIs, information should be exchangeable across enterprise applications to drive efficiency and agility across the organization.

What started as a small education startup in 2016, today runs across 4 continents across over 21,000 users with over 1M+ USD in signed agreements. Our aim is not just to create a better online education experience, but to use LayUp to fundamentally transform the way organizations think about and deliver online training across the world. Through LayUp, we aim to own the corporate eLearning space.

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