The LeapXpert Communications Platform

Autor: LeapXpert Limited

LeapXpert enables compliant communication from Microsoft Teams to consumer messaging platforms

The LeapXpert Communications Platform is a pioneering enterprise solution for compliant, governed and secure communications between employees and clients on consumer messaging and voice channels. The platform enables enterprises to achieve regulatory compliance and meet strict governance policies through its comprehensive data recordkeeping and unrivaled data security and control capabilities.

The platform comes with pre-integrations with Microsoft solutions and technologies such as Microsoft Teams and Azure services.

It includes Leap Work for Teams, a native Teams application, that enables employees to communicate with clients through their preferred messaging apps in a compliant and governed manner - all from within the native Teams chat interface:

  • Native support of WhatsApp, iMessage, SMS, WeChat, and LINE - both on Teams desktop and mobile

  • 1:1 chats between Teams users and clients

  • Group chats between Teams users and clients across different channels ​​(applicable for chats that are created from Leap Work only)

  • Text, emojis, voice and file media

  • Single corporate phone number assigned to each Teams user - Teams or corporate phone number

  • Capture of client messaging content and metadata across various channels in one centralized place

  • Built-in and/or Teams data leakage prevention support and information barriers - alerting and blocking

  • Built-in or Teams antivirus/ malware protection support - alerting and blocking

  • Easy export to archiving systems such as Microsoft Purview, Bloomberg Vault and others.

LeapXpert bridges enterprise, Teams users, and client needs, providing them with:

  • Enterprise’s data ownership, governance, and compliance with recordkeeping requirements from the SEC, CFTC, FCA and others.

  • Teams user productivity and engagement

  • Client engagement, satisfaction, and privacy

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