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What teacher has never had the feeling of wasting time to make the appeal? What student never signed to one of his classmate? What accumulation of attendance sheet, waste, lost of time!
E-MARGER offers a dematerialization of signing of attendance sheet for a simple appeal, fast and efficient.
This service, aimed at training institutions jointly answers to the needs of teachers, learners, but also of education.
How does it work?
Bluetooth Low Energy beacons are installed in your establishment in order to localized smartphones of your learners.


At beginning of each course, students sign-off his attendance using E-MARGER application and win a precious time.
The teacher has the knowledge in real time of the number of learners present and has the ability to sign-off for the learners without smartphone.
The school accesses a visualization and export tool of attendance data: a huge time saving in the treatment of attendance sheet is obtained with a considerable reduction in paper consumption.


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