Liaison Messenger EDD

Autor: Liaison Software Corporation

Automated business form and report distribution using your existing reports & print procedures.

Liaison Messenger EDD by Liaison Software automates business form and report distribution for all Microsoft Dynamics products - Business Central, GP, SL, NAV, AX. 
  • Use your existing reports (Business Central, GP report writer, SSRS, Crystal, Management Reporter) and existing print procedures. 
  • Messenger EDD allows you to build automation scripts which then streamlines batch emailing, faxing, archiving and attaching supporting documents to outbound forms and reports.  
  • Distribute to customers, vendors, internal employees, warehouses, etc. all based on the data being processed and the pre-determined rules you create upon initial setup. 
  • Attach supporting documentation. Examples of variable attachments: 
      • All invoices listed on statement to statement in one PDF
      • Cal summary reports to Invoices.
      • MSDS' to invoices
      • Certificate of Analysis to invoices (by item number and lot number)
      • Vendor invoices to print batch edit report
      • Marketing documents by item number

  • Attach static attachments. Examples of static attachments:
      • Terms and Conditions to PO's
      • Marketing documents
  • Use unique email addresses by document, i.e. PO's are sent from and invoices are sent from
  • Customers who have multiple invoices (created in the same batch) receive them merged into one PDF, in one email.
  • Control naming convention of PDF's  email to customers, vendors, etc. and archived
  • Print to network printers and user specific printers. No coding needed!
  • Route forms and/or reports to salespeople, warehouses, territories, etc. all triggered  from the initial print selection in the ERP.
  • No end user training. It's as simple as printing through your existing print procedures.

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