Liferay DXP

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Create and manage digital experiences across web, mobile and connected devices

Liferay (DXP) is software to create and manage digital experiences across web, mobile and connected devices. Built on a highly flexible architecture with portal, CMS and collaboration capabilities, Liferay DXP can be customized to deliver personalized digital experiences for customers, employees and partners.

Why Liferay?

  • Flexible Development Solutions for Your Business
    Liferay DXP’s suite of business tools and features allows you to leverage core technologies like portal servers and content management systems within one cohesive platform that is secure, scalable and extensible. Liferay DXP includes a broad set of out-of-the-box features so you can set up the majority of what you need right away, then customize for your unique needs.
  • Unified Customer Experiences
    Achieve consistent customer experiences at every touchpoint with reusable content and components. Liferay DXP ties together mobile, conventional web, legacy and all other content in a single repository so that it can be distributed consistently and intelligently across all touchpoints. Liferay DXP also includes a robust library of mobile components so that experiences designed for the desktop can easily be turned into native or hybrid mobile apps.
  • Bridge Silos Across Systems
    Working from shared data across systems, employees can implement initiatives to improve services and give other departments the insight they need to make operations run better. In addition, Liferay DXP makes collaboration easier across departments through a built-in workflow, content management, social features such as wikis and blogs, and other digital tools employees enjoy using.
  • Integrates with Everything
    Liferay DXP builds on our portal heritage with a set of comprehensive business components that can connect all of your systems and processes. Our platform is compatible with most things out there, even closed-source software.

Feature Highlights

  • Horizontal Portal
    Liferay DXP evolved from a best-in-breed horizontal portal platform, with robust support for user management and simplified UI development for beautiful presentation layers that bring your existing systems together.
  • Content Management
    Leverage content management tuned for enterprise teams, with tools to facilitate collaboration between technical and business users.
  • Collaboration and Social
    Connect people and systems through a modern interface focused on getting work done, Digital Asset Management Efficiently organize, store and share enterprise assets on one central system.
  • Mobile Experience Platform
    Deliver responsive, native or hybrid mobile experiences with one development platform.
  • Forms and Workflows
    Automate common business processes with robust features for creating forms and workflows.

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