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Hyper-personalized video is here: No two streams need ever be the same again

Linius’ Video Search Solution, powered by its patented Video Virtualization EngineTM (VVE), makes hyper-personalized video content possible for the first time.

Linius achieves this by exposing and indexing the data inside video files – enabling you to search within a video file, or video files – to instantly assemble only the required segments. The result? The ability to automatically deliver previously impossible hyper-personalized video streams on-the-fly.

Linius delivers hyper-personalized video content in two ways:
• Self Service: Personally search for any object, across any number of video sources, and immediately playback the content that matches your search results with the Linius embeddable Search Widget.
• Automated Delivery: Programmatically deliver an infinite number of streams to individuals, based on any business rule, including consumption preferences or behaviour.

Give every viewer the exact video content they want in milliseconds – no human hands required. Dramatically increase audience engagement, subscription and ad revenues – all while drastically reducing video production costs.

Transform your business with hyper-personalized video experiences only possible with Linius.

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