Data Platform Modernization

Autor: Link Development

Data Modernization Platform - On Premises

We provide digital onboarding consultations. We help you visualize your business objectives, identify customer needs and create digital roadmaps for a successful journey of transformation.

Our solution includes the full cycle for data starting from Data Modeling, Data Transformation, Integration and Migration, Data Quality, Machine Learning, Data Visualization (Power BI, SSRS), and finally Data warehouse. It utilizes Azure data services that is reliable and provides the user with many advanced features that fir your business.

We help our customers to start their data platform modernization journey. First we identify existing systems, data repository, data architecture and structure, data flows, integrations, and bottleneck. Then we consult our customers to start their journey by defining the new components and the change management plan that would our customers reach their final destination. This will empower the business users and decision makers to visualize their data and enrich the data and cover any gaps that may be found.

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