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Mobile Learning App for Retail-Pros, which connects Brands and Wholesale.

This application is available in English.

voyss fashion is the all-new eLearning app for brands and retail that sustainably pushes your sales results at the POS. Through digital training content, brands and retailers improve the quality and depth of their sales staff’s expertise right where it is needed most: at the point of sale. Generating enabled sales professionals and improved revenues.

Free of charge for Retail-Pros.

The voice for all:
Sales associates know best why a certain product or range sell (or why not). voyss brings product and sales knowledge right to the sales floor, and lends sales associates a voice.

Brands need brand advocates. voyss builds advocates by providing brands a voice that reaches sales associates directly. voyss extends the brand’s presence and makes products, assortments and the brand story directly tangible.

Retailers with a dedicated sales staff who deliver a personal shopping experience are more successful. voyss extends the playing field of communication between retailers & sales associates, and retailers & brands by making collaboration transparent and measurable.

This application is available in English. More languages will follow.

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