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Hassle-free Azure-integrated hosted Orchard Core CMS for you and your clients.

Orchard Core CMS software as a service, integrated into Azure. Don't worry about deployment, maintenance or upgrades - your Orchard site just works. You can even freely style your site and track it with Azure Application Insights too!

  • New to Orchard COre? No problem, read about it here.
  • Sign up and create any number of Orchard sites you want.
  • No worries about deployment, maintenance and upgrades - your Orchard site just works.
  • You can style your site in any way. And you can even automatically deploy your theme from source control!
  • There's a variety of modules and themes available that you can use.
  • It's fast. Don't take our word for it, try it out!
  • And there's quite some technology behind it that you can use to build your own DotNest, or supercharge your Orchard development team.

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