Wireless mesh technology for IoT devices

Autor: LumenRadio AB

Low power and reliable wireless mesh technology for your most business critical IoT products

At LumenRadio, we pioneer ultra-reliable wireless mesh connectivity technology for business-critical HVAC, building automation, and industrial applications. We help companies build smart connected solutions:

Benefits and Features

- Reliability: the world's most-reliable wireless technology. Patented, adaptive frequency agility Cognitive Coexistence algorithm. Avoid being interfered with or interfering with current and future wireless systems. 

- Reduce Costs: painless wireless commissioning and firmware over the air updates reduce installation and maintenance costs. Including, the total cost of ownership and RMA’s. 

- Collect Real-Time Data: capture microsecond level data, discover actionable insights and business intelligence for revenue-generating services.

- Build Sustainable Products and Solutions: Ultra-low deterministic power consumption, devices can run for 15 years on a single AA battery. 

- Scalable and Interoperable: build building-wide networks composed of mixed devices, sensors, actuators, and controls without multiple gateways. Transmit on 22 dBm for increased range and penetrating walls. 

Connect From Edge Device to Azure Cloud
MiraOS is a small-footprint embedded operating system with an integrated IPv6 stack for wireless mesh networking. MiraOS connects edge devices to Azure via a border route. 

Our customer
LumenRadio develops MiraOS for large OEMs aiming to build their next generation of connected products or sensors in a low power and reliable way. 

When MiraOS outperforms its competitors 
MiraOS is the perfect low power solution for buildings with interference from other wireless networks or other equipment. 

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