MOOC Office 365 Business

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Online Office 365 training platform to support end-users to get started with their new solutions

The MOOC Office 365 Business training portal accompany end users on their journey to learn how to use their new Microsoft collaborative tools. Fun and intuitive, the online training platform designed for those looking to develop skills and learn all that Office 365 has to offer through a variety of learning resources in one convenient location. The MOOC Office 365 Business enables you to:
  • enable end users to become more skilled and efficient in their daily use of the solution
  • Limit common tech support queries on different applications and track user progress via the reporting tool
  • provide your users with unlimited access to the training content, accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • give access to all the courses that comes with the option to pick a date and join a live 45m training session where users can chat and ask questions to a certified trainer
  • give access to fresh and updated content in line with the frequently evolving changes within Office 365
  • give access to use case videos and courses created by job role that provide users with realistic everyday situations they are likely to encounter in a modern workplace
The MOOC Office 365 Business is a 100% digital and human training solution composed of hundred training content :
  • Learning paths based on use cases, products and job role
  • Unlimited access to web conferences delivered by an expert
  • A social network to share best practices
  • Use case videos
  • Video tutorials
  • Artificial intelligence: The platform has a built-in recommendation engine based on artificial intelligence. This system makes it possible to adapt to users' profiles by offering them relevant resources, to engage learners and increase their personal levels of interest
  • A gamification system: The built-in gamification system is desgined to help enhance the user's efforts and stimulate their involvement.
  • A management console and reporting: The admin dashboard access provides the ability to follow the evolving number of registered users and platform activity including most consulted resources.
The MOOC Office 365 online training platform covers amy Office 365 subjects grouped by topic :
  • Office 365 use cases : Communicate - Share - Collaborate - Search - Produce
  • Office 365 products : Messaging tools and solutions - Office productivity tools - Social networking tools - Collaborative and storage tools - Project management tools
  • Job role focus : Administrative and Financial - Human Resources - Project Manager - Assistant - Marketing Manager
  • Get started with Office 365 applications : Outlook - Skype for Business - SharePoint - OneDrive - OneNote - Office Online - Yammer - Planner - Teams - Sway - Stream - Power BI - Office suite ...
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