MOOC Office 365 Custom

Mandarine Academy

Build your own training platform to accelerate Office 365 adoption and stimulate greater usage

Discover our MOOC Office 365 Custom offer to accelerate adoption and develop new Office 365 uses. The MOOC Office 365 Custom enables you to:
  • Provide a proven means for your end users to become more efficient in using the solution.
  • Enrich your platform by picking and choosing from hundreds of available training content.
  • Choose what you publish on the platform, when you want according to your project, thanks to a content management console.
  • Enrich your training platform by adding your own training content.
  • Activate private training services, we create training courses and sessions for you according to your needs.
  • Access an administration and reporting console to manage content, track changes and end user activity on the platform.
Pick your own platform contents and services to insure the design and successful implementation of your project by:
  • Building your own version of the platform from access and interface to management modality.
  • Choosing among Mandarine's office 365 content
  • Integrating your own tutorials, courses, and pathways directly into your training platform.
  • Integrating inter-company web conferencing session to encourage human led learning and knowledge exchange
  • Choosing for yourself the messages to be conveyed and their frequency to your end users
  • Using the full power of the Backoffice to administer the platform and manage your users
  • Choosing the courses and routes you want to highlight, add, or hide, with the content management console
  • Accessing a dashboard, and track user evolution and activity, as well as the most viewed resources.
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