MapmyIndia Mappls Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform

Autor: C.E. Info Systems Ltd. (MapmyIndia)

Location-intelligent Enterprise digital transformation: LBS, GIS, Analytics, Workforce/Workflow, IoT

MapmyIndia Mappls Enterprise Digital Transformation Platform is a Suite of Software and Solutions that help organisations do more through the power of maps & technologies
- Field Force Management
- Fleet Tracking
- Geospatial Planning
- APIs and SDKs
- Custom Solutions

Manage your workforce & workflows with automation powered by maps and location, powered by a powerful business process management system (
- Optimize your field operations strategy
- Boost the productivity of your enterprise by utilising sales automation features that will organise daily tasks for your sales teams.
- Live monitor planned field tasks, measure productivity by location-enabling your field force and automate reimbursements of your field teams to automate payouts.

Track your fleet and assets for enhanced safety, cost-effectiveness and streamlined operations (
- Create smart workflows for operational efficiency
- Get a unified view of your fleet by installing GPS on all your vehicles.
- Track in real-time if planned, safe routes are being followed by drivers and get prognostic reports on driving behaviour based on excessive acceleration, harsh braking, overspeeding, rash night-driving, cornering and so on.

Understand your business better using decision enabling tools integrated with Location, Map Data and AI ( &
- Deepen your business insights
- Make decisions for your business using the power of Mappls' vast repository of geospatial data that contains categories like real world mapping data, vehicular movement data and consumer data.
- Get Dynamic Dashboards, Charts, Graphs, Widgets etc that help you visualise and get insights on all your data, including MapmyIndia Mappls proprietary and valuable location and geo-analytics datasets

Explore the largest catalogue of Mapping and Location APIs and SDKs (
- Publish location intelligent apps
- Empower your technology with best-in-class tools to build the best location-aware applications for your business.
- Our Map APIs make the user experience much more meaningful. With the most up-to-date location data and all India map coverage, we provide easy-to-use location and mapping functionalities that make it possible for users to develop and create a high-performance, interactive mapping experience for indoor and outdoor environments.

MapmyIndia Mappls Enterprise Digital Transformation Suite is tailored for each industry vertical for a variety of use cases, and has been used by leading enterprises across each vertical:

- BFSI: Geo verification and onboarding, usage-based auto insurance, geoCRM for sales/claims and collection agents and more
- Automotive: Micromarketing and analysing market coverage. Enhancing Sales and CX with contactless service solutions. Providing location-based consumer engagement and more
- FMCG and Consumer Durables: Distribution analytics, field sales monitoring, long haul route safety mapping, consumer location insights for marketing and more
- Technology Enterprises: APIs and SDKs in the categories of maps, routes, search, analytics, location personalisation or recommendations
- Telecom and Utilities: Field force monitoring, RF and optical fibre mapping, distribution analytics, line of sight analysis for 4G/5G planning
- Retail: Retail and QSR, location enabled online e-commerce, location-based digital advertising and more
- Transportation and Logistics: Fleet and asset tracking, transportation data, truck routing solutions, driver saftey, route risk assessment and more
- E-commerce: Address intelligence and address capture, long haul first-mile and last-mile delivery tracking and more
- Healthcare and Pharma: Distribution and logistics of medical goods, indoor mapping of plants, GPS tracking for ambulance and more

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