Intelligent Text Extractor

Autor: Marlabs Global Development Center

ITE is a computer-vision based OCR solution

ITE provides high accuracy text extraction capabilities on printed, hand-printed and hand-written texts. It supports multiple languages, auto-classification of unfamiliar document templates and validations for text type & format.
ITE addresses the scaling needs of enterprises for data digitalization as volumes increase, making it efficient to store and standardize data.

  • Higher Accuracy- Reliably extract Printed, hand printed & hand-written text using an ensemble of algorithms
  • No Upfront Template Configuration- Detect texts from unfamiliar documents without any configuration
  • Auto Classification- Classify similar documents as the same template
  • Real-Time- Recognize & extract useful data in seconds, more time for high-value work
  • Integrated workflow- Seamless text extraction, validation & export for document data
  • Support all popular file formats JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF and languages
  •  No cost of infrastructure – SaaS model
  • No license cost

ITE can be used by education, insurance, banking, finance & medical businesses to digitize their documents which are PDFs, scans, images and handwritten documents, both structured & unstructured. APIs available for this platform can be integrated into the on-boarding process, digitize timesheets, process claims, automated account opening, credit card documents processing, underwriting process, form filling, bill reading, invoice processing and other documents.  

ITE streamlines and automates the operations for businesses that involve large scale document data digitization.

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