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Omnichannel Solution to interact in realtime with consumers on Loyalty & Promotion Management

“This application is available in French and in English".

Maxxing allow at every Company dealing with consumer to interact with them in real-time on Loyalty program or Promotion management regardless of the commercial channel or communication channel.

Connect a scalable, real-time and centralized promotion engine to all your sales channels (stores, e-commerce, m-commerce, drive-in,…) to interact with the consumer during each transaction. An integrated Machine Learning allow you to push The Next Best Offer. Define your loyalty program and configure your promotions: instant and deferred rewards, secured vouchers, gifts, private offers, personnal challenge depending on consumer targets, status, interactions, basket content, etc. All offers are applied according to a combination of criteria (time periods, location, targets, basket content, item attributes, external events, customer properties, etc.).

Collect and leverage customer shopping journey data to enhance your customer relationship and complete the Consumer 360 view.

As a result of our experience in Retail, we are acknowledged as customer relationship experts with the ability to handle large volumes of transactions in the Cloud supporting various sales channels and consumer touch points.

Marketing team can design, test and deploy promotional and loyalty mechanics to drive the consumer's shopping behavior across all sales channels, brands or countries. Maxxing is a single offer and loyalty program repository for in-store and digital commerce.

Offers are checked and burned in real time: you can secure promotions to engage the consumer, manage budget and prevent fraud.

Maxxing also includes a set of API to facilitate the integration and customization of the application in various IT system.

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