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Pedagoo is a formative assessment platform designed to train and evaluate students effectively

Pedagoo, a formative assessment platform designed to train and evaluate students, combines an array of tools that work together to achieve these aims.

The result is that companies and educational institutions alike can offer personalized education as part of the evaluation process, for their employees and students. In this way, students are supported and can progress steadily while having their specific needs and difficulties in understanding addressed. Consequently, Pedagoo employs a series of tools that serve the purposes of creating and scoring assessments, tracking and analyzing progress, generating reports, and deriving insights that inform decision making.

The tools that Pedagoo offers are: 

  • Authoring Tool: Create and publish individual questions or complete tests. 
  • Assessment Builder: Create assessments with your own questions or questions from the MeasureUp®️ catalog. 
  • MeasureUp®️ catalog: A catalog of more than 20,000 questions, completely at your disposal. 
  • Partner Portal: Manage keys for launches, view progress reports, organize groups, and more. 
  • Learning Locker: All the functions you need for your preparation process. 
  • My Account Tool: Set up your profile and that of your organization’s users. 
  • Proctoring: Use facial detection technology to deliver accurate and reliable exam proctoring. 

Each of these tools serves a particular purpose while at the same time being connected and informed by the others. Here is what each of them will allow you to do within the context of delivering formative assessments to your students. 

Who is Pedagoo for? 

Discover how many sectors benefit from the solutions that Pedagoo offers. 


Teachers are able to share questions and existing exams within the organization, as well as to analyze the results in each of their classes in an automated way using our analytical reports. 


Evaluate a candidate’s technical knowledge by creating your own questions and combining them with the available database of more than 20,000 existing MeasureUp®️ questions. We will help you select the ideal candidate, reducing the management time spent on the selection process. 


Provide your organization with its own official practice tests to help your candidates through their certification journey, preparing them for the day of the exam by increasing their knowledge and confidence. 


Introduce continuous learning in your organization and help reduce the time needed for interiorization, changing management from within your team with Pedagoo. 

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