PreSalesAdvisor CPQ

Autor: Mercato Solutions Limited

Supercharge your sales through real-time guided selling of complex products and services


PreSalesAdvisor CPQ empowers sales, partners and customers to configure complex products, services & solutions delivering accurate quotes and easy ordering every time.

Quickly launch bundles and offers to accelerate sales cycles while completely removing pricing and product selection errors, making it easy to automate your Quote-to-Cash process.

  Provide personalised user experiences to deliver real-time pricing, offers and entitlements across all channels
  Configure products, services and solutions from multiple sources in one order
  Streamline cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  Direct payments, invoice generation or provide customers 'as-a-service' monthly payment options
  High connectivity enables seamless integration with Contract Management, eSign, CRM, ERP and legacy third-party systems
  Fully globalised with language and currency settings automatically configured
  Immediately validate on orders

Key Features

Fast & Dynamic Compatibility Pricing Engine
+ With a powerful rules engine, PreSalesAdvisor enables flexible configurations of complex product and pricing rules.  
Products and Bundles
+ Integrate vendor product and bundle offers to gain accurate and cost-effective pricing for end-users.
Attributed Configuration and Pricing
+ Dynamic attribute management, roles based pricing and frameworks reduce product catalogues and administration  

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