mGrants - A Grants Management System on Power Apps

Autor: Merp Systems Inc

Grants Management System


Grants administration and management continues to be a challenging task for organizations, both federal and non-federal alike.  mGrants is a comprehensive Grants Management System  developed by MERP Systems leveraging years of experience managing complex grants management implementations for US Federal Agencies, State and Local Governments, and Non-profit organizations. Our high pedigree subject matter experts, through careful planning and orchestration have developed a point solution that can be customized and tailored to any Grants management, disbursement, and administration process.

Grants Management Solution (mGRANTS) is an all-in-one integrated solution that streamlines the grants process from program initiation through grant awards management. Some of the key features include but are not limited to:

  1. Program creation and approval
  2. Announcement creation, approval and publishing
  3. Opportunity review
  4. Application creation and submission
  5. Application review and rating
  6. Grantee selection
  7. Funding Decision Memo creation and approval
  8. Award presentation to Grantee
  9. Negotiation
  10. Award processing & payout
  11. Award amendment
  12. Program monitoring and progress reporting
  13. Closeout 
  14. Portal interface

Role based permissions and approval workflows are built in to every stage of the process allowing the Grantor agency to adhere to a internal security and approval procedures.

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