Metric Video Analytics

Metric Arts

Obtains information and detects behavior in images and video, solving high-impact challenges

Metric Video Analytics provides artificial intelligence to a camera system, allowing to generate valuable information in real time. This system, using different machine learning processes, is able to count, track, recognize and identify diverse.

The characteristics of the solution are the following:

  • Detection and intelligent tracking of people and objects
  • Estimation of demographic variables
  • Estimating tail lengths and waiting times
  • Generation of alerts in real time
  • Identification and comparison of people
  • Detection of behavior patterns
  • Generation of Heat Maps

The solution offers the possibility of generating preventive alerts according to predefined parameters or even making face comparisons with previously defined lists through the use of biometric signatures, providing valuable information for an efficient operation of security institutions.

It is integrated as part of an intelligent network offering solutions in diverse contexts, such as: Buildings, commercial stores, public transport systems (micro-buses and metro) and public interest points.

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