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People First - More Than A HR Platform

Whether it’s simplifying HR tasks, boosting productivity, or enabling collaboration, People First is the driving force behind better, more connected workplaces.

People First is a full HR platform and much more. We have a wide range of features to help you simplify work, save time and empower employees, as well as social tools to help employees connect, collaborate and engage with your wider organisation.

With People First you can keep everyone in the zone and engaged through talent check-ins, goals and flow. The social feed gives your employees one place to connect, engage and collaborate. While the People First Chatbot gives your employees access to a 24/7 digital HR assistant.

Key features of People First:

  • HR system
  • Talent management
  • Insights
  • Recruitment
  • Learning
  • Goals
  • Time and Attendance
  • Time Off and Absence
  • Social Feed

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