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Mia subscription deploys a workplace virtual assistant to your employees via Microsoft Teams.

Mia: The Workplace Virtual Assistant for Microsoft Teams

Mia Workplace Virtual Assistant enables your organisation to deliver a personalised virtual assistant for all your Microsoft Teams users. This workplace assistant on Microsoft Teams helps your organization to increase productivity, improve employee engagement, execution of a multitude of HR requests, work-related service requests, fitness & well-being, and more. Mia ascertains employee engagement, seamless employee experience for mundane HR services/interactions. Mia subscription allows you to provision an account to deploy a personalised digital assistant for HR services to all your employees via Microsoft Teams.

The provision of real-time dashboards helps to analyse and improve productivity, encouraging work/life balance with health & well-being. Individual employees can use individual analytics to assess self-productivity and health & well-being.

The ability to collaborate with peers and share information enables employees to stay engaged. Mia can be experienced on Web, Mobile, and Tabs as the digital assistant work with Microsoft Teams. These features of Mia support your workforce to eliminate the need to have manual journals and reminders on their tasks, meetings, and other work activities as Mia performs the role of a personal assistant by reminding these errands to the employee. This workplace assistant becomes more helpful to the employee by enabling them to be considerate of their health and well-being while managing their busy schedules at work.

Mia works independently without subscriptions to other services which means Mia can be entirely configured on Microsoft AppSource and enables customers to provision a bot that works independently without subscribing to any other 3rd party services.

Mia supports Simplification of Infrastructure Needs as Mia is designed to run on Microsoft Teams; thus, enabling all existing Microsoft Teams users in organisations to use Mia conveniently.

Mia performs the role of an ideal workplace assistant:

  • Preview the schedule of your workday including the meetings and tasks due for the day
  • Gain a summary of your fitness activity and productivity level during the previous week
  • Helps you with check-in/check out
  • Assist with your routine HR requests
  • Update your work activity & measure your productivity
  • Receive important notifications & notices
  • Reminds you to stay active & track your progress

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