Onesait Education Exams

Autor: Minsait

End to end management of exams and evaluation tests

End to end solution to manage and carrying out exams, including test type tests on paper and open questions exams. It includes a test question pool, management of calls, elaboration of questions, rating, automatic correction of test type tests, digital distribution of exams, randomized exams, double correction, etc Software as a Service Solution for the complete management of exams and evaluation tests for your organization. Secure exams with encrypted data. Simplification of processes and the logistical chain of the examination. Reduction of correction times to hours. Displays maximum security in the creation of test statements, encrypted data and complete traceability, automatic correction of test type tests, digital distribution to teachers of open question tests in real time, possibility of double and triple correction, test question pool, and many more features that simplify the evaluation process and guarantee maximum quality and equity, producing great economic savings. Why customers use Onesait Education Exams? Onesait Education Exams is marketed as a service in Cloud Azure which drastically reduces infrastructure costs for the client. The complexity and logistical dispersion of exams makes Onesait Education Exams the ideal solution to save up to 60% the costs associated with these processes. The safety and reliability of Onesait Education Exams makes it the platform of choice to guarantee fairness and anonymity in exams. - Economy and Savings - Deploy in Azure reducing infrastructure costs. - No paper transfers reducing transportation costs. - Automatic correction of test type exams reducing manual correction costs. Agility and Speed - Simultaneous decentralized printing and digitalization. - Digital distribution of written exams in real time for correction. Immediate access to the exam to manage claims. Security and Reliability - Encrypted statements that guarantee no undue access. - Inalterability of the exam. Guarantee of anonymity. - Complete traceability. This application is available in Spanish, English and Brazilian.

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