Smart Healthcare Facilities

Autor: Microland Limited

Smart Healthcare Facilities leverages IoT to transform hospitals, clinics, other medical facilities

Even before the COVID-19 outbreak threatened to overwhelm hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities with a novel and deadly Coronavirus, momentum had been building in the Healthcare Sector to apply technology to the challenge of controlling Hospital Associated Infections (HAI). While in the past these efforts focused on protocols to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistant bacterium, the outbreak throws a light on another, potentially more difficult challenge on treating affected patients while preventing the virus from overwhelming the hospital, its staff, patients, and their families.

Microland Smart Healthcare Facilities leverages IoT to transform inert brick-and-mortar healthcare facilities into safer, efficient, more sustainable assets, and brings an intrusion-free, OPEX-based, easy to deploy solution, providing immersive visual experience and real-time actionable insights to ensure a safe & environment for facility occupants. Smart Healthcare Facilities solution brings safety, wellness, efficiency, and a data-driven approach to securing your most asset: People by leveraging

  • Power of Azure IoT and Cloud to transform inert brick-and-mortar structures into safer, more efficient, more sustainable assets
  • Provides immersive visual experience and real-time actionable insights ensure a safe and comfortable environment for healthcare facility occupants
  • Brings an intrusion-free, OPEX-based, easy to deploy solution using EASY 1.2.3 deployment  

Use Cases 

  1. Space Occupancy and Feedback Monitors in washrooms & public areas reduce infection risk and put staff, patients, and visitors at ease
  2. Bed Occupancy Monitors in hospital wards mitigate bed infection rates and allocation delays. This has proven invaluable in tracking bed cleaning and getting patients settled quickly
  3.  Predictive Cleaning provides accurate, optimized view to facility manager to deploy cleaning team where they are needed, when they are needed
  4. Air Quality and Water Quality monitored 24/7 to retard the spread of bacteria and reduce the risk of Legionella (Legionnaire’s Disease) outbreaks
  5. Asset Tracking pinpoints key mobile equipment like wheelchairs or beds, improves patient care and frees nursing, maintenance, and other staff to do the vital jobs they are paid to perform
  6. Fridge Monitoring across cold storage areas to prevent deterioration and expiration of vaccines, sensitive medicines, lab samples by being alerted to changes in real-time temperature

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