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Autor: Modality Systems

Video consultations that are as simple to set up as clicking a button

Modality's OneConsultation is a fully managed, customisable virtual consultation service that leverages your existing Skype for Business or Teams deployment. It has been designed for use in the healthcare sector providing a secure virtual consultation room that a doctor can join using Microsoft Teams and that a patient can join via web browser on their smartphone, tablet or PC. OneConsultation can also be adapted for other industries and use cases, where virtual consultations with the general public are a key part of the customer or delivery experience. Civilian government, private banking and insurance all just some examples where video consultations can either replace face-to-face meetings or enhance existing voice-only conversations. There are no integration hurdles due to our unique 'no integration, no scheduling' concept. This also means nothing to install locally, minimal setup and a fully inclusive service offering, billed monthly.

How it works

The service is entirely hosted in Microsoft Azure. No confidential information is stored, doctor anonymity is maintained and no additional apps or plugins are required by the patient to join.

The patient enters their consultation via a web site that checks their microphone, speakers and webcam to ensure all is working. Once confirmed, the patient waits in a virtual lobby for the doctor to arrive.

The doctor logs into a virtual waiting room and is prompted when a new patient arrives ready for their consultation. When ready, the doctor joins the consultation via Microsoft Teams.

OneConsultation extends the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 to your patients and can be offered as a full end to end service including scheduling or can integrate with your existing scheduling tools and processes.

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