Moneythor Data-Driven Banking

Autor: Moneythor

Data-driven, personalised and contextual digital banking solutions.

Moneythor is a Singapore-based software company providing intelligent and contextual digital banking for customers and enhanced marketing and analytics for financial institutions.


The Moneythor solution comes as an easy-to-implement set of software components delivered as APIs enabling banks and fintech firms to offer improved functionality and experience to their retail & business customers powered by real-time data, machine learning and behavioural science techniques.


The prime focus of the solution is in the delivery of data-driven personalised, contextual and actionable recommendation, insights and nudges  to customers, preconfigured or uniquely crafted by the financial institution. Examples of these include money management nudges, budgets, savings goals, predictive forecasts, financial literacy material, relevant offers and more.


The Moneythor solution has been deployed globally by large international banks such as ANZ, CIMB, DBS and Standard Chartered among others, fintech firms such as Raiz as well as digital banks such as Manulife Bank and Orange Bank.

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