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CommandCentral provides clarity amidst chaos and simplifies the public safety workflow through connected, cloud-native applications that build a complete and confident incident view.

From call to case closure, our CommandCentral public safety software suite connects all data to create actionable intelligence, eliminates barriers to heighten collaboration and delivers the complete, 360° Incident.

In CommandCentral, a unified cloud platform connects all incoming data and accelerates workflows through automation. Applications are consistent, easy-to-use and designed for collaboration and sharing. And intelligent correlation builds the accurate and complete case file as the incident unfolds.

COMMANDCENTRAL COMMUNITY - Offer a single touchpoint to build partnership between the public and law enforcement.

COMMANDCENTRAL CALL HANDLING - Reduce IT complexity while increasing reliability and scalability.

COMMANDCENTRAL CAD - Dispatch incidents using intuitive and modern web-based interface. Communicate mission-critical data directly with responders.

COMMANDCENTRAL AWARE - View responders, incidents, and alerts in a single-mapped view for improved decisions.

RESPONDER - Receive CAD incident information on the go, and self-dispatch and initiate incidents as needed.

COMMANDCENTRAL RECORDS - Automatically populate the incident record with CAD data, digital evidence and citizen inputs, giving officers time back in their shift and eliminating duplicate effort. Simplify data management with workflow management and compliance tools to minimize rework and reduce error rates. Securely and easily share case content with judicial partners, other agencies and the community.

COMMANDCENTRAL EVIDENCE - Ingest and access content from any source via native integrations to our own portfolio, 3rd party system connectors or manual file uploading.

COMMANDCENTRAL INVESTIGATE - Utilize state-of-the-art dashboards and maps to understand current crime trends in your jurisdiction, state and region.

COMMANDCENTRAL JAIL - Increase awareness and safety for both your officers and the inmates you’re responsible for.

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