Magnifi - Automated video highlights

Autor: Multistream Technologies Pvt Ltd

AI led smart solution for video highlights and content moderation

Magnifi uses state of the art AI and ML technology to auto-produce social ready content at the click of a button so you can drive maximum fan engagement and ROI. The content is auto-resized and time-optimised to suit different social platforms and can be auto-shared with relevant graphics and bumpers added as per the client's requirements. The entire process is automated and does not require any manual intervention.

Our automated video editing solutions for Enterprises enables them to repurpose their content and tell better stories.

Digital Highlight Pro - Auto-create smart highlight videos through a range of key moments that our AI extracts from your video

Web Stories - A visual, full-screen content format for the web, which allows you to tap or swipe through stories.

Content Moderation Pro - Our API-based fully automated AI and ML solutions detect and tag sensitive and explicit content in your video content, thereby ensuring that your videos are fully compliant and ready to stream. We can screen and tag your content customized to the guidelines and rules of the broadcasting platform specific to your region

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