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Save streaming costs by upscaling videos from low to high quality on the edge using deep-learning AI

Myelin Foundry is a deep tech product start-up transforming viewer experience though Artificial Intelligence on video, voice, and sensor data, for consumer edge devices.

Myelin's Technology Differentiation

The key differentiation that Myelin brings in versus other players in the video solutioning space, is the ability to perform complex AI based video enhancement on consumer devices in real-time, thereby drastically reducing the dependency on bandwidth and the last mile network, to provide premium video experience to users.

Fovea Stream Product [Check images]

Fovea Stream is an on-device AI solution that enables smooth HD viewing experience on user devices, independent of the content's original quality and network bandwidth limitations As an on-device AI technology, Myelin is independent of the codecs and the OTT streaming flow. Our solution is placed after the decoder inside the app of the video streaming player, and enhances the content real-time before it hits the user’s screen


Fovea Stream has applications across Video on Demand, Video Conferencing, and cloud gaming to enable the next generation of on-device viewer experience. While the current market focus for Myelin Foundry has been India, there is a very strong use case in the US market to enable premium viewer experience, especially 8K, HDR, and immersive experience using Edge AI. Myelin has the right capabilities and product to penetrate the US market and is looking for support, mentoring and introductions to the key players in the market.  

Key market challenges Fovea Stream addresses:

    • The display capabilities are outpacing quality of content available online and cable broadcast
    • Bandwidth requirement for HD & 4K+ experience is not uniformly available
    • Viewer expectations that are defined by TV-alike experiences are not being met across offerings
    • Sports and game streaming further push the challenge for quality experience

TEST DEMO -  Please drop an email to or for the apk link.
Download this apk on android phone and use the manual (attached pdf) on how to use - to test Fovea Stream

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