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Expand your product portfolio by offering to extract data from documents

Empower your sales forces and back office teams

Looking for a way to expand your solution portfolio? For Solution Providers: Sell our services e.g. extracting data from documents to your customers and profit from a discount. For System Integrators: Use our API Universe to enrich your business application portfolio. You can reach us using one of the following channels: email, WhatsApp or our website, incl. a chat (bottom right). Reach out to us to discuss your opportunities.

Key features:

  • Time saver: Use a proven component and significantly reduce the development time of your own solutions. A single API call is all you need to get reliable data from image data. See image gallery below.
  • Ease of use: Use the robust and highly performant REST API of our service platform for a seamless integration into your application environment.
  • Timely: The short response time of our APIs, even under load, ensures that end users can work unhindered at all times.
  • Fair prices: You pay for the so-called call (i.e. the reading of a document). Non-use is not charged, so there are no recurring basic charges. We also offer a so-called «all-you-can-eat package», which allows you to make an unlimited number of calls within one year (365 days).
  • Supported documents: A subset of all the documents BOTS4ME reads in the insurance, finance and automotive industry is for instance: Swiss business card, Swiss driving license, Swiss vehicle registration certificate, Swiss car license plate, car dashboard, VIN (vehicle identification number), premium invoices and offers from insurers and many more..
  • Train your own document type: You would like to automatically extract data from other document types? No problem, our engine can also learn how to read new document types. Reach out to us.

How to use:

To resell our service to your customers you will require a BOTS4ME subscription. Interested in obtaining one? Contact us via email, WhatsApp or visit our website, incl. chat (bottom right). Request an offer tailored to your company and expand your existing product portfolio.

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