Intelligent Edge - StockView for retail

Autor: Fractal Analytics Inc.

Reduce the duration and predict out of stock items with AI-powered stock out detection at the edge

StockView helps retailers reduce lost sales and improve customer experience by automatically detecting out of stock items on shelves.

StockView uses customized vision AI models running locally, at the edge of the cloud on Azure Stack Edge, to visually detect empty spots on shelves. It then enables retailers and distributors, as well as any company managing inventory on shelves, to build powerful analytics across locations, regardless of the quality of their internet access or the number of locations.

Powered by Microsoft Azure Stack Edge, StockView offers a scalable and cost-effective solution that leverages the power of the Azure cloud platform at the facility level. It provides an easy to predict TCO via a fixed per-month and per-device cost business model, regardless of the number of video streams and other locally deployed containerized services.

This solution has been validated for Azure private MEC for edge connectivity and compute capability.

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