Optimus Charging as a Service


Cloud-Native solution handling any level of charging complexity within a multilevel tariff ecosystem

Neural Technologies’ Optimus Charging (CaaS) is a Cloud-Native solution allowing for charging of any kind of service. The platform supports use cases like Telecom Charging, Utility Metering, Energy Station Metering, IoT Rating, Scooter Metering, Online service charging, Revenue Assurance, Billing Reconciliation.

Optimus CaaS uses a robust Charging Engine that has been built around supporting industries like Telco, Utilities, streaming and online services which implement some of the most complex pricing models in the world. There is no limit to the flexibility and complexity that users can deploy.


  • Supports offline and online charging based on Diameter protocol
  • Easy to configure Product and Usage-Scenario setup 
  • Freely definable Rate-Categories,Rate- and Price-Plans
  • Time-Model setup including holidays, user definable calendars, day codes and time intervals
  • Various Rounding methods and Currency conversion
  • Hierarchical and cascading Zone-Models
  • Parallel support for multiple Resources (e.g. currency, loyalty points, etc.) and multiple Units (e.g. duration, volume, items etc.)
  • Flexible Tiered, Threshold or Stepped Pricing definition incl. Add-On and Minimum Charges
  • Multi-Tariff-Rating (calculate multiple tariffs in parallel)
  • Volume based Discounting or Policies
  • Seamless Billing Integration
  • Easily institute Promotions/Vouchers
  • Wholesales and/or Retail pricing

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