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Turning supply chain complexities into simplicity with tech-driven retail SaaS solutions.

Increff empowers retail and e-commerce brands with best-in-class Warehouse Management System & Automated Merchandise Planning and Allocation to optimize inventory and maximize sales across B2B and B2C sales channels. Our easy-to-integrate and quick-to-deploy tech solutions enable brands to automate inventory management, achieve distributed warehouse management, and build efficiency in operations to drive 100% inventory accuracy and faster order fulfillment. It also enables brands, and retailers, to take strategic calls on pre-season, in-season merchandising, and liquidation scenarios.

Key features:

  • Integrated WMS & OMS, SaaS platform for inventory optimization, & order fulfillment: 100% digitized operations | Real-time inventory-order sync | Get started in < 7 days
  • Expose 100% of inventory from warehouses & stores to marketplaces, web stores & Intelligently split /route orders | Robust marketplace integration | Lower logistics cost
  • Intelligent algorithm-driven end-to-end merchandising solution for Smart assortment plan | Ideal buy plan | Optimal store allocation

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