Rendezvous Meeting Room Booking Software

Autor: NFS Technology Group

Easy to use meeting room booking solution fully integrated with Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange.

Are you looking to improve the management of meeting room bookings?

As a real estate professional it can be a constant struggle to ensure that your meeting space is fully utilised.

Until now

The Rendezvous meeting room booking software is designed to streamline the booking process, improve space utilisation, to reduce meeting no shows and manage all aspects of your meetings.
Rendezvous provides the complete easy to use solution for booking rooms. You can choose from a range of intuitive apps:
  • The Rendezvous mobile app
  • The QuickBook app
  • The web app
All our apps are fully integrated with Outlook/Exchange and Office 365 calendars. The integration is so seamless that the Rendezvous Scheduling Assistant enables you to quickly organise meetings without leaving your Outlook workflow.
The benefits of Rendezvous include:
  • Reduced meeting no shows 
  • An end to end booking process for meetings and vended services
  • Enhanced visitor management and security
  • Integration with leading digital signage platforms
  • Comprehensive utilisation reporting using Microsoft BI

Our cloud-based solution

Available as a fully cloud-based SaaS solution, Rendezvous gives you a number of benefits:
  • Easy to deploy 
  • Low cost of ownership 
  • Accessible anywhere 
Based on a Microsoft Azure hosting platform the solutions offers rock-solid reliability and resilience.

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