NICE Investigate

Autor: NICE

Cloud-based Investigation & Digital Evidence Management SaaS Software

NICE Investigate is the Microsoft Azure Gov cloud based solution that breaks down information silos and brings all needed evidence and associated information right to detectives, investigators, prosecutors and other law enforcement professionals. It automates and expedites manual, time consuming tasks and makes investigators more efficient and effective by helping them collect, analyze and share evidence. The solution facilitates secure online case management with digital evidence collection from any number of disparate sources, from crime scene photos, interview room and 911 recordings, video from CCTV, body-worn and in-car cameras, insights from social media posts, to data from ALPR, CAD, RMS and smart devices, and a variety of other evidence types. The powerful ‘Google-like’ search allows you to search across all connected information sources to uncover insights. It uses advanced content analytics to recommend evidence related to a case under investigation and make even the content within media such as audio and video files, documents, incident narratives and case reports from CAD and RMS systems searchable. The solution dramatically improves crime investigation processes and outcomes: - Reduces time and expense of evidence collection by automating intake and organization of relevant data and media - Built-in analytics helps investigators uncover and correlate crucial insights - Electronic sharing of evidence improves collaboration with other agencies and prosecutors - More cases are successfully filed and prosecuted

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