Cloud Adoption Maturity

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Four Stages of the Data Journey

The world is changing rapidly. Most businesses are steadily moving toward the cloud, with most planning to migrate to the cloud or expand their cloud footprint within a few years. But how do you get where you want to go? Sambe Consulting is here every Cloud Step of the way.

Over the past couple of months we have noticed an uptake on Cloud Migration. In order to address this and assist our clients in their cloud adoption journey we have created this Infographic.

In this infographic we take a look at the four different stages of the end-to-end journey and explain what it takes for you to get to the next level, and how Sambe Consulting can assist you in the process.

Phase 1: Cloud Discovery
Your company data may still be in on-premises data warehouses at this stage. But you are starting
to think about the cloud.

Phase 2: Cloud Data Migration
At this stage, you have made up your mind and you are committed to moving over to cloud. You may already have chosen a cloud service provider and probably a cloud data warehouse.

Phase 3: Cloud Data Maturity
You are a relatively old hand at working with data in the cloud. Your goal now is to move faster and do more.

Phase 4: Cloud Data Leader
You aren’t just a cloud data veteran; you are leading the pack. How far can you go? Your organisation is data-driven from the ground up, with data science and analytics informing decisions in many parts of your business.

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