Data Science as a Service

Autor: Northern Data(Pty)Ltd

Deploying Intelligent Insights Through Managed Services

Data Science as a Service (DSaaS) is an attractive option offering organisations full access to a multi-dimensional skilled team of data scientists, analysts, business intelligence developers etc. without requiring them to invest in their own data teams.

It is a Managed service comprising the full data value chain from data collection, preparation, analysis to visualisation on behalf of organisations, functions or teams.

We deploy the following common Machine Learning approaches to get through the data silos and transform scattered information into primed insights:

- Logistic regression, SVM (support vector machines) and Decision Trees to resolve all the classification problems and optimize the data segments.
- Clustering allows discovering and exploring data anomalies, matching similarities and exploring datasets on a micro-level.
- Parallel data processing on multiple computers in clusters, meaning skyrocket delivery speed.
- Works with any type of data storages – from file systems and SQL databases to various real-time streams coming from multiple sources.

- Encapsulating powerful AI algorithms to run the Machine Learning module, which allows distributed data processing and functions seamlessly with real-time data operations.

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