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Novari eVisit™ allows patients virtual access to healthcare professionals.

Novari eVisit™ allows patients virtual access to healthcare professionals.

Virtual Appointments

The Novari eVisit application uses mobile and web technologies to enable clinicians and patients to have virtual appointments. When clinically appropriate, the system can be configured to support patient and / or provider-initiated virtual visits for any type of healthcare service (primary care, specialty care, palliative care, etc.).

Video, Audio & Secure Messaging

Virtual appointments may use video conferencing, audio or secure encrypted messaging all within the web application, Android apps and IOS apps.

Security & Privacy

The privacy of patient healthcare data is important. The Novari eVisit module leverages “privacy by design” principles to ensure compliance with applicable privacy legislation and that all personal health information (PHI) is protected and secure.

Clinical Workflow Flexibility

Physicians, nurse practitioners, allied healthcare and other healthcare professionals can decide which patients they offer virtual care to, when a request for a virtual appointment is clinically appropriate, how and when the appointment will take place (video, audio or secure messaging).

Prescriptions & Lab Requisitions

Novari eVisit enables the healthcare professional to electronically generate lab requisitions, imaging requisitions and prescriptions. Prescriptions may be automatically sent to the patient’s preferred pharmacy (patients’ access to printed prescriptions can be restricted). Lab and imaging requisitions are attached directly to the eVisit record and can be made accessible to patients for download and printing.

Patients & Caregivers

Each patient creates and manages their detailed profile including demographics, clinical information, contact preferences and pharmacy / lab preferences. Patients may also create sub-accounts for family members and dependents to allow, for example, a parent to manage virtual care for children or aging parents.

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