Centilytics-Intelligent Cloud Management Platform

Nspire Automation LLC

An intelligent cloud management platform helping manage, secure, optimize & automate on azure

An Intelligent Cloud Management Platform helping companies manage, optimize, secure and automate on the public cloud. Our customers typically see a 50% reduction in cloud cost and over 25% improvement in business efficiency by using our console. We focus on:

* Cloud visibility: which is a mirror of one cloud tracking the hourly cost, utilization and inventory of the infrastructure.
* Cost optimization: focuses on Reserved Instance planning, Instance right sizing and wastage tracking.
* Cost allocation: does cost center mapping of every resources to departments, teams, applications etc.
* Cloud automation: takes over routine cloud activities like backups, scheduling, resource cleanup etc.
* Governance & Reporting: does alerting on budget, security or any issues on your environment and can share 1200+ different reports at your desired frequency.
* Security & Health: checks 800+ best practices covering compliances like HIPAA, PCI, ISO 27001, GDPR, NIST, CIS and many more.

We are obsessed with customer success providing our customers 3 month free trials and guaranteed value add before we start any talks around closure. This allows us to have really high customer retention and build amazing relationships that will last forever.