Nuance COVID-19 Vaccine Solutions

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Upholding your brand’s customer service reputation during unprecedented times

COVID‑19 has profoundly shifted the relationship between customers and the organizations they depend on. 
With vaccines on the horizon, we are expanding our support to provide you with new solutions that provide peace of mind for your customers, helping to answer questions and concerns surrounding the vaccine, while keeping costs in check for you.

COVID‑19 Vaccine Bot

Providing timely and accurate information
For pharmacies, municipals, insurance companies, schools or businesses expecting an increase in contacts looking for information or next steps on the COVID‑19 vaccines, we will deploy a chatbot leveraging our knowledge of the questions we are seeing and expecting, as well as customize the questions and answers to your needs.

COVID‑19 Vaccine Assistant

Advanced support for availability and eligibility
In addition to the capabilities offered in our COVID‑19 Vaccine Bot, this virtual assistant will also look up availability and eligibility criteria. If more support is requested, we’ll send them to a digital associate for more information and appointment scheduling.

Live chat

Enabling agents to handle multiple, concurrent conversations
We can accelerate the deployment of live chat, enabling organizations to reduce the load on call agents by letting them handle multiple inquiries at the same time as well as enabling customers to get answers without losing the human connection.

Voice to messaging solution

Re‑engage through SMS
For existing Nuance IVR customers we can add a voice to messaging solution that enables callers to leave a voice message. After the recording is transcribed to text it’s sent to an agent who can re‑engage via SMS.

Messaging on demand

Adhoc voice, email, and text messages (US and Canada only)
For US and Canada cloud customers who own their own short codes that don’t already have messaging‑on‑demand enabled we are offering the ability to quickly compose and send adhoc voice, email, and text messages.

Call back manager

On‑premise or hosted IVR call back option
For existing Outbound customers we can provide a call back option for on‑premise or hosted IVRs when there are long hold times; either when an agent is available or during a window of time when hold times go down.

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