Nuara ePRO 2020

Autor: Nuara Group Sdn Bhd

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A supply chain management tool that automates & streamlines your organization’s procurement process.

Nuara ePRO allow employees to raise purchase requests conveniently through their online access panel. Supervisors can review purchase requisitions from anywhere at any time. Once approved by the supervisor, the approved procurement request will be forwarded to the Procurement Department for vendor quotation requests. All quotations and supporting documents are to be uploaded as attachments for transparency and auditability purposes. Once vendor evaluation and selection has been completed the purchase request is forwarded to the Cost Controller / Accounts executive for budgetary review. Custom approval levels depending on the value of the procurement request can be set accordingly. Upon financial authority approval has been given the procurement request is ready for purchase order issuing. The last step of the SCM cycle is the rendering of services and delivery of goods which completes the procurement request. Nuara ePRO contains a warehouse stage with a delivery tracker as well as the automatic creation of a Goods Received Note (GRN) for easy traceability of delivered items. The integrated master reporting function allows authorized users to create reports for data and business analytics on company internal procurement as well as spending control and analysis.

Centralized Procurement System
    • Real-time data availability and information on procurement requests and status.
    • Access from anywhere at any time by authorized users.
    • Mobile Optimization of system interface.
Increase Control
    • Full transparency of purchasing and procurement across the entire organization.
    • Accountability for procurement and approval decisions made.
    • Traceability and auditability including time and date stamp.
Systematic Documentation
    • Auditable records of entire procurement process.
    • Upload of supporting documents such as Quotations, Technical Evaluations.
Document Management
    • Accessible record keeping
    • Availability of Company procurement data and history in one click.
    • Integrated and automated notifications.
    • Download functionalities into Microsoft Excel and PDF.
Reporting & Alerting System
    • Receive notifications on overdue requests.
    • Analyze bottle necks in procurement process.
    • Identify wastage of resources.

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