Occtoo for Brands

Autor: Occtoo AB

A solution to improve your ability to share brand and product content and manage your resellers.

Occtoo for brands - take control of your brand relations!

Occtoo for brands is a great way for a brand owner to collaborate with their resellers making sure they have access to the right marketing and brand content, product training and running the latest campaigns. Occtoo also provides valuable insights to who, what and when of the resellers that have accessed the service.

Highlighted features:

  • Easy to use interface
    • intuitive navigation
    • Smart search bar
    • Create and save your favorite searches and downloads
    • A section to highlight current campaigns and product launches

  • Personalize
    • Set language and assortment per reseller
    • Download what you need or all
    • Push local campaigns

  • Manage your resellers
    • invite or sign-up your resellers very easy
    • get insights on activity level

  • Speed & Performance
    • Responsive site
    • Fast 
    • Quick when downloading

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