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Web based Employee Relationship Management (ERM) System

Octaware's next generation employee relationship management (ERM) application represents a productivity boost opportunity for small to medium businesses. The PowerERM is a company-wide ERM software package used to manage and coordinate all the employees function from hiring to sepration including the recruitment and training functionalities.

The PowerERM built on Microsoft .Net web platform has an enterprise wide reach that offers cross-functional capabilities to the organization. The different functional departments involved in the operations or processes are integrated into a single system. This system takes care of the business processes such as recruitment, training, employee self service (leave, reimbursement, travel, visa), loan, appraisal, eNews, Payroll and separation of employee. The product is a role based with features to deploy multiple geographic location and currency.

Combining the expertise of Human resource specialist and years of global development by an IT engineering team, PowerERM provides organizations and their employees an easy and effective tool to increase the operational efficiency.

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