Security Guard and Patrol Management System

Autor: Octopus

Octopus Security Guard and Patrol Management System

Octopus PSIM mobile application can be installed on android and IOS based units with GPS sensors, which can be used by first responders with mobile phones or fixed on security vehicles, in order to track the first responders, security patrols, company fleet trucks & vehicles in real-time on the PSIM GIS map. When an incident occurs, the PSIM system can locate and dispatch the nearest first responder who is closest to the incident.

The Octopus PSIM and mobile application platform also enable setting up pre-defined Patrol Routes or logistical routes for the company delivery/logistics fleet. The Octopus Patrol Management System enables the command center to define routes and checkpoints for the vehicles/ on-foot security officers via the PSIM system GIS map. These patrol routes are sent to the security vehicle mobile application terminal for their daily patrol route checkpoints. Different predefined routes can be sent to the security vehicles/officers each day.


    ♦ Octopus Safe City integrates with the crime database and receives all the daily events:

    ♦ Police crime data sources

    ♦ OSINT – Open source intelligence

    ♦ Octopus BI and Machine learning system receives, analyzes, and prioritizes the crime incidents at the end of each day and allows display on the GIS map

    ♦ Octopus system generates daily preventive police routes according to crime prioritization

    ♦ Police field units receive each morning automatically their daily patrol routes and tasks on their mobile device

    ♦ Octopus system monitors the police units to make sure they are following their routes, posts, and tasks

    ♦ The system presents abnormalities and staff who are not at their location or following their work tasks

    ♦  Police command can dispatch police units to the incident location at any given time.

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