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The Octopus Visitor’s Management System

The Octopus Visitor’s Management System is a cloud-enabled system, allowing multi-chained organizations to manage a unified database of visitors for all their sites and locations. The system offers a comprehensive, intuitive, and streamlined visitor enrollment process and user experience for both the inviting organization and the invited visitor himself while removing the need for any special dedicated hardware and paperwork.

The Octopus Visitor’s Management System enables organizations to customize and enforce their visitor enrollment and entrance policies and work processes, whether they are complicated or simple. The visitor workflow processes are implemented and customized per the customer’s need, and the Octopus System utilizes the newest technology for executing this workflow, including the invitation process, the visitor enrollment, visitor identifying details collection, terms, and conditions signing, visitors’ monitoring and more. The system can integrate to 3rd party systems, such as access control, turn-styles, barriers, gates & LPR systems if required. The system can also integrate with background check data sources to enable to screen candidates and visitors

The Octopus Visitor’s Management System will meet all the requirements of ISC Security as specified. Octopus Systems together with Vantage will install, integrate, implement, train, and support the systems to the customer’s satisfaction. The Octopus System meets the highest level of information security and is currently installed in government offices, corporate buildings, safe cities, emergency response organizations, and other critical infrastructures around the world.

♦ Managing time and attendance work hours for contract temporary employees

♦ Visitor’s management screens

♦ Visitor’s Self-service kiosk

♦ Visitor’s management system

♦ Reports and BI

♦ User administration & permissions

♦ SLA – System Support, service, and upgrades

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